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Miguel Zayas, CEO Sentidocomun, is filming DreamChaser the Documentary " Road to the Puerto Rico Open" please click the link below to learn  more about this vanguard company based in Puerto Rico.


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18th Hole at Trump International.  Photo of Mark Burk by Robert Pena.


 Trump International Coco Beach, Puerto Rico.  Photograph by Fernando Ortiz.

My swing is coming together!  Love my new weight transfer, cleared hips, spine angle, and extension!  

Thanks to my Coaches, Seth Glasco and John Leighton for their help!









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Press Release Uncle Buck Radio AZ.

Mark Burk announced on June 11, 2012, from Trump International Coco Beach Puerto Rico that a challenge match for 100K was "on the table" and if accepted by the Donald' will be played at Trump International Coco Beach.

Burk stated that if he wins the money would go to La Fondita de Jesus a shelter/food bank in San Juan Puerto Rico, also to the Mission in Cochella Valley the shelter that was the subject of Burks comback. Not to forget the medical clinic of Marthas Kitchen and Dr. Kim and medical staff, which is so important to care for all the men, woman and children that cannot afford health care.

To Listen to the interview, please click on the YouTube links below (Sorry for the poor sound quality, this was a telephone interview conducted from AZ to Puerto Rico):

To Listen to Part 1 click below:




To Listen to Part 2 click below:


Check out the






Trump International Rio Grande is a magnificent 36 hole Championship Golf Club and host of the PGA Tour Puerto Rico Open. Enterprise Diaz owner/operator are providing these magnificent grounds to help achieve my goals.


Click on the above image to watch the commercial for the Fund Raiser in Puerto Rico!  Great Event!!


"Driver" swing.

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I want to thank UK Journalist Martin Pashley for taking the time to get to know me, also James Cheadle for the incredible photo's where it all took place. Cheers to all!

Welcome to Mark Burk.Com. I want to thank all the individuals that have taken the time to watch the series "Pipe Dream" Golf Channel's award nominated show, and the fans that continue to visit my web site. God bless all of you, and all of our dreams as well.

Mark Burk